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If your exciting talking about the things you love on social media, you might consider going live, posting a video or adding content to your feed that your friends and audience can enjoy. Behind the scenes of your production empire, you may not realize that you have a need more than you thought, to have a home for all those cool gadgets you’ve accumulated in your quest for supreme streaming content.
Just like an oddly shaped bowl will have a tough time containing your favorite cereal in the mornings, a cluttered desktop or studio may leave you weaving in and out of your daily routines.
Most over achievers and successful individuals are the ones that tend to be the most organized and its in your interest to be too.
Heres a few things that can take the landscape of your layout from cluttered to conformed.

1. Tripod

A tripod may seem like a buzz word only professional photographers use, but its not just for camera enthusiasts. If your latest priority is creating any kind of video content, chances are someone will have mentioned to you buying a tripod. I recommend, investing in a tripod. Tripods should be a, “one off,” purchase. You may be just starting out as a young entrepreneur or in a startup, and creating content is somewhere in your repertoire of things to have. Likewise you may just be wanted to build your own brand or business. Most likely you have a smartphone and a dream, which is great and perfect for beginners. At some point you will more than likely upgrade to more expensive gear. Why not buy one of the least expensive items on your future list and have the components to making an upgrade later on more easy on the todo list.

Why it organizes:

  • Video streaming becomes a breeze
  • Can be used for other activities other than the workplace


Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod kit

Arkon Tripod Adaptor with Phone Holder

2. Device stand

A flat surface is all the rave said no one with a smart device in 2018.  If your multitasking, (and bets are you probably do), then keeping track of your devices and content at reach might be of importance to you.  Being able to grab content at will, is an asset if your writing, blogging, researching or gathering information for other material related projects and having to pickup your device each time to do that research can become mundane to say the least.  Use these handy stands to keep your materials at eye level and increase your productivity in your workspace by quickly accessing and assessing your material.

Why it organizes:

  • Eye-level content
  • Better focus


Book Stand

Tryone Stand

3. External storage

You smartphone should typically have a large capacity for storage or the ability to expand that storage. That is great when creating content. The challenge is when you need to process your footage or drop it into video editing software to clean it up or present it in a neat way. Storage is key to optimal work performance with your desktop applications. Don’t skim or second guess your storage needs as they are the top resources you will need for your workloads on across almost all your applications.

Why it organizes:

  • Expansion for future projects
  • Take your work with you


Samsung T5 Portable SSD – 500GB

On the Go storage (even smaller) – 64GB

4. Microfiber cloth

Even if you don’t wear glasses or don’t use eyewear on a moderate basis, taking care of your screens and other surfaces that collect dust is beneficial for people with allergies and maintaining your devices upkeep. Microfiber cloths have become what the handkerchief was to the early business goer was in the early 50’s and on. While it still is a staple to the pocket collectors of today, the microfiber cloth is certainly a must have.

Why it organizes:

  • Less dust build up
  • Prolongs your equipments’ shelf life


MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning Cloths, 6 PK

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