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Creating an online business is a noble venture and by now many businesses drive at least 50% of their sales through online marketing and advertising.  You may have your own business setup or are thinking of using an online presence as an opportunity to increase sales or to bring in an extra source of income.  Using WordPress as your business hub has it’s many advantages and there’s no wonder why it powers more than 25% of today’s online businesses.
Here’s some things to consider to get you started through the process . . .

1. Check the speed of your site Every Second Counts – Why Page Speed Matters
2. Reasons you should Optimize your site speed and increase conversions with Page Performance from WP Engine.
3. SEO strategies that work AMP for WordPress – WP Engine Webinar with Yoast SEO

Check the speed of your site using the link below

Test your website with the WP Engine WordPress Speed Test. 

1.Add 2FA for your users

The first thing I look for in a hosting provider is the option to setup 2FA, or two factor authentications. You can download the Google Auth App for either Android or Apple, respectively, and then use the QR code to set it up.  You’ll get your 2FA code after that for each time you login to that site. You can also provide this service for users on a blog too!  If you are for example running a community site or collaborating with writers for your business, 2FA is great addition to helping improve your site’s reliability. You may be also able to add OTP or one-time passwords for you account also.  Here is link that explains the difference between 2fa Vs. OTP.
In general, one time passwords only should be considered as a backup option and is explained here One time passwords. Combining the two options is known as multi-factor authentication, or MFA, and adds an additional layer to the login process.

2.Build a user friendly UX/UI

With WordPress you have the ability to choose from thousands of templates called, “themes.”  These are used to style how the look and feel of your blog is presented to your front facing customer.  While it’s nice to have the latest and greatest, sometimes when starting out it’s simple to go with a minimal clean look to get your content across to your viewers and readers.  In addition, having a good clean look not only provides a good experience for the reader but also contributes to the overall performance of site as well.  If you feel your site is a little clunky, read about  Cleaning Tips for WordPress Optimization.

3. Create content that is in line with your brand or business

SEO has long been a cornerstone to pushing your website to the top of the search results.  This can be accomplished with greater return if the content you are providing has some consistency within your brand and business.  The more you can become an aficionado on a particular subject the more that search engines will likely accept you as the “goto guru” on the matter.

4.Write content rich cornerstone articles.

In addition to creating the content that helps improve your sites readability, the more in-depth your articles are, the easier it will be for readers to find your website because you’ll have the most information about it.  These are cornerstone articles and are more like pages, then they are articles.

5.Add eCommerce to your site.

If you sell your own products, you’ll want to consider adding a shop within your site so you can have customers pay and checkout easily. It’s straight forward and takes no more than 15 minutes to install, add your PayPal credentials, and start excepting payments.  Take a look at this article to setup your shop within WordPress Ecommerce on WordPress: Getting Started.

If you have an existing site that is under performing or ready to get the ball rolling, you can get your business up and going or move your blog by checking out how easy it easy Move your site to WP Engine in less than 30 minutes

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