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A journey is never the same twice, you need the resources to make it ahead

Your ability to become successful is measured in the approach you have on your goals

The secret to creating success is finding people that are going to help you reach your goals.

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Live life to the fullest Every Morning

Enjoy. Explore. Discover.

Waking up.
Defining your moment
Challenging your comfort zone

Stephen Drotar

Co-Founder and CEO

I believe that mistakes are experiences that direct the journey in life.

Change is irrelevant, it’s choice that builds our character and develops our talent.
Stephen Drotar
steve drotar

About The Edge

I’ve always felt that when I struggle with something or experience something different, I think to myself, “gesh, I wonder how the other guy felt.”  It’s never been about being better than any one person. It’s been all about the journey.

Being apart of something greater than yourself is something we may not realize early in our journey.

There is a better way


More to come.


More to come


More to come.


More to come.







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The Morning Edge

Do it early, Do it often.

the morning edge

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